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Portable air conditioning units are a simple and cost effective alternative to having a full air conditioning system installed. All you need is a 13 amp socket and somewhere to vent the hot air too. A wide variety of air conditioners are available to buy or hire.


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Generally the hot air will be vented through an open window or a through-the-wall vent, via a discharge hose which is similar to a tumble drier pipe. These are commonly 1.5m to 2m in length.

    Gree Portable Airconditioner

Some units, such as the Gree KY32 shown here, have a strong compressor which is capable of blowing the hot air into a ceiling void. This particular air conditioner is often used in rooms without windows, such as computer server rooms. 


Running costs for a single unit air conditioner of this type are surprisingly cheap, typically around 5p / 6p per hour.


Mobile air conditioning units extract moisture from the air acting as a dehumidifier. This is collected in an internal tank, while some units can be connected to a gravity feed draining tube.


Features to look for when purchasing or hiring a mobile air conditioner include a 24 hour timer, which is useful if you want to come home to a cool home, and remote control to set it with.


In addition, features such as a rotary compressor to ensure quiet operation and an advanced air filter such as the 3M Filtrete system used by Delonghi and Amcore portable air conditioners, among others may be of important to allergy sufferers.


Single unit portable air conditioners are available with a cooling capacity of up to 12000 BTU. These are suitable for most rooms at home or in small offices. For larger cooling capacity requirements a split portable air conditioner will be needed. Such units have separate external and internal components, connected by pipes, with the external unit being placed outside a window or externally on a wall.


An additional aspect to consider when buying a portable unit is the time of year to make the purchase. Almost everyone wants to buy or hire one on the day they need it but it can be very difficult to find portable air conditioning units in stock during the height of the summer. It pays to think ahead and make the purchase earlier in the year when it may be possible to take advantage of seasonal discounts and availability will be better.

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